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Terms and Conditions – Magene Christmas Giveaway

“Magene Christmas Giveaway” (the “Giveaway”) is organized and promoted by Qingdao Magene Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (the “Promoter”) and is subject to the following terms and conditions.

To participate in the Giveaway, follow the instructions and accept the following terms and conditions, which will form a binding agreement between you (the “Participant”) and the Promoter.

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What Makes Magene L508 Radar Tail Light Hot On Sale

Over the past ten years, bicycle incidents have increased by nearly 40%. According to statistics, 40% of cycling fatalities were caused by rear-end collisions. It is necessary to pay more attention to riding safety. Cycling brings a lot of fun, but unknown threats are always there.

Selama sepuluh tahun terakhir, insiden yang melibatkan pesepeda telah meningkat hampir 40%. Menurut statistik, 40% kematian saat bersepeda disebabkan oleh tabrakan dari belakang. Penting untuk lebih memperhatikan keselamatan berkendara. Bersepeda memang menyenangkan, tetapi ancaman yang tidak diketahui selalu ada.

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How to properly care for my heart rate monitor?

The heart rate refers to the number of times that your heart beats per minute. Heart rate monitoring can directly record real-time heartbeats when exercising to avoid physical injury caused by excessive exercise. Learning the heart rate can help us keep the training intensity at an appropriate level and achieve better performance. It is sure that the heart rate monitor is an indispensable equipment for cycling training and even participating in the bike race.

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This can make you a faster cyclist–Magene T200 review from Cycle Rider Roy

T200 smart trainer, following the classic design of Magene GRAVAT series, breaks the performance margin of the same class of products and achieves a breakthrough again. It is designed to bring you a more enjoyable training experience and become your quiet, powerful, foldable and stable indoor training partner. “I think Magene T200 can be a very good stuff for anyone who wants to improve their power training and who wants to improve their climbing.” Cycle Rider Roy said.

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Terms and Conditions – #WeAreMagenius Halloween Giveaway

“#WeAreMagenius Halloween Giveaway” (the “Giveaway”) is organized and promoted by Qingdao Magene Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (the “Promoter”) and is subject to the following terms and conditions.

To participate in the Giveaway, follow the instructions and accept the following terms and conditions, which will form a binding agreement between you (the “Participant”) and the Promoter.

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