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How to Recover Well After Cycling Training

Training is vital for any cyclist, but you might be unknowingly pushing yourself harder than you should be. You might be thinking that the more you cycle, the better or fitter you’ll be, but that’s a big exercise misunderstanding. Rest and recovery are just as important as training, and doing these well can prevent you from further harm. A good balance between training and recovery can also reduce injury and promote muscle growth. Here are a few tips to help you recover after cycling training:

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What Makes Magene L508 Radar Tail Light Hot On Sale

Over the past ten years, bicycle incidents have increased by nearly 40%. According to statistics, 40% of cycling fatalities were caused by rear-end collisions. It is necessary to pay more attention to riding safety. Cycling brings a lot of fun, but unknown threats are always there.

Selama sepuluh tahun terakhir, insiden yang melibatkan pesepeda telah meningkat hampir 40%. Menurut statistik, 40% kematian saat bersepeda disebabkan oleh tabrakan dari belakang. Penting untuk lebih memperhatikan keselamatan berkendara. Bersepeda memang menyenangkan, tetapi ancaman yang tidak diketahui selalu ada.

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How to properly care for my heart rate monitor?

The heart rate refers to the number of times that your heart beats per minute. Heart rate monitoring can directly record real-time heartbeats when exercising to avoid physical injury caused by excessive exercise. Learning the heart rate can help us keep the training intensity at an appropriate level and achieve better performance. It is sure that the heart rate monitor is an indispensable equipment for cycling training and even participating in the bike race.

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Be sure to figure out these terms before kicking off your cycling training

Cycling has become a more and more popular sport for mass fitness with its impact-free and easier on the body. While for cyclists or bikers, improve cycling performance in a short time is another different thing. So, cycling power training is generated by the trend(sometimes with a power traniner or power meters) and has been proved to be effective to get you to the peak.

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Energizing Foods and Drinks for Cyclist

As a cyclist, the daily intake of food should not only meet the needs of the human body, but also provide energy for the ride or training, and sometimes need to use food to supplement nutrition after training and competition. The important question of what to eat depends on time and purpose. Here we give some food which is recommended by professional cyclists, you can choose according to your condition.

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