Make your power output more reliable with the firmware update for P505

Magene P505 Power Meter Review

More reliable power output with the firmware update (V0.114) of P505

To provide riders with more reliable power output, the power accuracy of P505 has been improved to ±1% with firmware update V0.114 (for both P505 and QED road bike crankset P505 spider power meter). Just download Magene Utility App, connect to your P505 and click Upgrade to the latest version 0.114 to get the improved P505 spider-based power meter.

3 optimizations to ensure power accuracy

Brand new cadence monitor method enables more accurate identification of real-time cadence data for each lap, effectively assisting users in their cycling training.

Additional riding behavior assessment can detect and identify the direction and magnitude of your pedal force, and positive and negative work performances in real-time, so that your bilateral data such as left/right balance and pedal smoothness can be better quantified, and your cycling training can be more efficiently.

Optimized data performance provides accurate and reliable power measurement with up to ±1% accuracy that meets the needs of different cycling scenarios and pedaling habits.

Other advantages of P505

P505, a spider-based power meter with multiple compatibilities. It is compatible with the SRAM 8-bolt crank, and the SRAM 3-bolt crank. With a number of spiders available, there are different chainring compatibility options available as well as 4-arm chainring, 5-arm chainring, oval chainring, and also the 107 BCD SRAM axis chainrings. Besides, P505 can measure your riding performance with 4 core functions, including power, cadence, left-right balance, and pedaling smoothness. If you are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable power meter, the P505 spider-based power meter is the best choice for you.

Shane Miller’s review of P505

Having been riding the P505 for the last 10 months, Shane Miller released a professional review of the P505 spider-based power meter on Dec 21, 2022. He described it as “a well priced spider-based cycling power meter with a number of options available to fit different cranks and chainring combinations”.

This video covers the data from three recent rides across indoor, road, and gravel, confirming the accuracy and reliability of the P505 power meter.

P505 Technical Specifications:
Type: Spider
Wireless: ANT+, BLE
Data: Power, Cadence, Left-Right Balance, Pedaling Smoothness
Power: ±1.5% (Now ±1%)
Power Range: 0W-2500W
Cadence: 20-250rpm
Calibration: Manual Calibration, Reverse Chain Calibration, Automatic Calibration 
Battery: Internal. USB Rechargeable. Up to 200hrs.
Waterproof Rating: IPX7
Management / FW Upgrades: Magene Utility App (IOS / Android)
Power Scaling: ±10%
Weight: 110g (P505-S1078)
Warranty: 2 Years

Want to take your cycling performance to the next level? Try P505 spider-based power meter! Click here to explore more capabilities of P505 power meter.

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