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Statement on Unauthorized Sales and Counterfeiting of Magene Products on Website

Recently, Qingdao Magene Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “the Company”) has continuously received feedback from consumers. The feedback shows that on the Japanese shopping website (, there is a link for selling Magene’s G801 spinning bike ( Since we have never authorized or entrusted the website to sell Magene’s spinning bikes and related products online, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the Company, we hereby solemnly declare as follows:

I. We have never directly or indirectly authorized or entrusted the website ( to sell any products of Magene online. All products under Magene brand sold on this website are unauthorized. It is not an authorized sales channel for our products.

All products under Magene brand sold on this website are not genuine or are counterfeit.

II. All distributors or agents that sell Magene’s products through authorized channels shall obtain our authorization. Purchasing our products from unauthorized sales channels will result in failure to obtain (authentic) quality assurance, after-sales service, etc., and may even seriously infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers (inconsistency of actual goods and described goods, potential safety hazards, etc.).

III. The website ( infringes our legitimate rights and interests by using trademarks, photos, and other materials whose intellectual property rights are owned by Magene for marketing and publicity without our authorization. We will take all necessary legal measures to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, we hereby notify consumers to purchase Magene’s products from authorized sales channels and keep the purchase voucher to enjoy standard and high-quality after-sales services.

If you have any questions, please contact the Company for a consultation.

How To Convert Your Non-Smart Exercise bike into A Smart One?

If you want to pair your non-smart exercise bike with any bike training app, your only option is to get one of the cadence sensors for spin bikes.

A cadence sensor is a great gear that can facilitate your cycling and pedaling sessions by allowing you to track how hard you are working. However, finding the right cadence monitor can be a challenge. This is because most cadence monitors aren’t designed to work with spin bikes.

Here you have a choice- Magene S014 speed/cadence sensor for a spin bike.

The sensor supports Bluetooth low energy 4.2 protocol which only be used when riding indoors.

How to install it?

  1. Before installation, please remove and reinstall the battery to ensure the sensor is working.
  2. Install the flat silicone gasket on the bottom of the sensor and install the sensor on the inside of the left crank using a rubber ring.
  3. Rotate the crank and search for the cadence sensor using

Once the installation is complete, you can search the bike in the cycling app and enjoy cycling.

With the sensor, you can get cadence and speed data when pedaling and get better results with these data-based training workouts.

How To Stay Motivated To Exercise at Home?

At-home fitness is more demanding in self-discipline. Why is it so difficult to keep exercising at home? The difficulties may be the feelings of being dull, boring, and lonely, without the company of the scenery along the road, without the encouragement of companions. Fitness at home is more like an inner challenge and practice. How can we overcome them?

Home Fitness ≠ Dull and Boring

Now, just one spinning bike covering an area of 0.5 square meters, together with a mobile phone, can quickly kill the boredom during fitness at home. Create your fitness routine by joining the game. Richer cycling routes, online events, fat-burning courses, and customized resistance adjustment, guarantee the training intensity. Meanwhile, in the online competition, there is an opportunity to compete with many participants to top the list. The fitness training is completed by playing the game.

No scenery during exercise indoors? 3D simulation virtual reality visualizes the 100-kilometer cycling routes which provide a free and smooth riding experience. Routes are subject to free choices with combinations of training units including multiple basic flat roads, hilly roads (up-and-down roads), and mountain roads (climbs). Thus, the training aims can be achieved based on the free choice of one’s own will.

Home Fitness ≠ Not professional

All the courses on the spinning bike are formulated by experienced professional coaches. Under the premise of power training, personalized courses are provided according to the various needs of different users. An exercise plan is tailored for you according to your own exercise level and goals.

As a rare electromagnetic resistance spin bike on the market, MAGENE MG70 provides a more professional way of smart resistance adjustment. It enables a real sense of the different riding resistances of uphill, downhill, and flat roads during indoor riding, closer to the real outdoor riding experience. Automatic adjustment throughout the riding allows you to focus on the scenery along the road, achieving fitness goals more efficiently.

Home Fitness ≠ No Socialization

With online group training and online PK, riding at home no longer looks lonely. It supports exercising with several friends but also competing with online opponents matched in real-time. Cycling in real track races can be fully experienced. Cyclists can experience their own indoor track race, with real competition rules enforced, and full simulation of features including acceleration and race tactics.

More interesting courses and more motivated group members are the keys to building a fitness routine at home. Besides, a smarter fitness device that understands you better can offer greater help in achieving your fitness goals.

Friction Vs Magnetic Vs Electromagnetic Resistance for Spin Bikes

1. Friction Resistance Spin Bikes

Principle of resistance adjustment: The resistance is adjusted through the physical friction between the brake disk and the flywheel. Generally, this adjustment mode will generate noise due to physical friction, and the resistance change is not smooth enough, so the adjustment range is small.

Disadvantages: The accuracy is relatively poor, and the adjustment is prone to be over-limit or not enough. Another disadvantage is that the flywheel will generate inertia during riding. Sometimes, if you do not pay attention to it, your feet will slide away from the pedal easily, causing certain danger.

2. Magnetic Resistance Spin Bikes

Principle of resistance adjustment: Magnets are installed on both sides of the metal flywheel, and the resistance is adjusted by controlling the distance between the magnet and the flywheel via a wire motor. The particular strong magnet material is used to realize a balanced state of no friction and non-contact suspension between the large flywheel and the magnet. The movement resistance can be controlled through the distance adjustment and the resistance level can be adjusted more accurately.

Advantages: no friction, ultra-quiet; low loss, no change of accessories for life; high smoothness, never getting stuck during riding; automatic resistance control, no manual adjustment needed; linking with sports app, various programs.

3. Electromagnetic Resistance Spin Bikes

Principle of resistance adjustment: mainly includes the magnetic effect of electric current and Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, namely, the process in which the conductor in the magnetic field cuts the magnetic line of force to generate induced current, and the magnetic field creates ampere force (Lorentz force) on the live conductor. If the bike keeps powered on, the user experience is better. It is the highest-end bike product in the market.

Compared with ordinary magnetic resistance bikes, except for the quiet effect, automatic resistance adjustment, and more smart programs, electromagnetic resistance spin bikes also have the following advantages:

1. The adjustment speed is faster. The adjustment from the highest gear to the lowest gear needs less than 0.1s, while the wire motor takes at least 3s-5s.

2. The adjustment granularity is finer. The resistance adjustment can be divided into 1,000 gears, while the wire motor can achieve 32 gears at most.

3. The power accuracy is higher, up to ±5%, while the wire motor has poor accuracy, generally ±20-30%.

MAGENE smart spin bike is a quiet and compact smart bike specially designed for fat burning and trimming, with electromagnetic resistance perfect for the household. The smart bike adopts the EMS patented electromagnetic resistance technology independently developed and realizes accurate power calculation and control through the multi-dimensional power compensation algorithm. In comparison with traditional spin bikes, it features a more smart experience, richer programs, and more scientific exercise methods. Moreover, MAGENE has cooperated with several world-renowned software service providers so that the bike is compatible with more than 20 mainstream cycling and sports apps.

Magene Releases Its first Armband Heart Rate Monitor HRM80

Magene HRM80 combines a high-precision optical dual-beam array, a built-in rotor motor, and a proprietary algorithm. With an adjustable armband, you can exercise more comfortably and conveniently. It is the first armband from Magene and continues the data monitoring technology and upgrade algorithm of Magene heart rate products, providing consumers with better products and user experience.

Optical Heart Rate Tracking

According to the variation of hemoglobin density in blood, the HRM80 heart rate armband can collect the variation data through the photodiode and calculate the heart rate. With the dual-beam array, you can acquire more accurate detection data and capture real-time heart rate changes more efficiently.

High Heart Rate Warning for Safety Exercise

The armband will vibrate to remind you when your exercise heart rate reaches the setting warning value. You can set the switch and warning heart rate value through Magene Utility App.

Convenient and Comfortable

Adopting Lycra elastic webbing and Velcro buckle strap, the armband is skin-friendly. Wearing on arm is user-friendly, especially for women and children.

Multiple Connectivity

By Bluetooth and ANT+ transmission, HRM80 can send real-time heart rate data to smart devices like phones, fitness equipment, and bike computers. For Smartphones, it is compatible with popular fitness apps, such as Onelap, Wahoo, Zwift, Rouvy, Strava, Trainerroad…

Wide Usage Scenario

Comes with an IP67 rating, it is splashproof, and you can exercise without fear of rain

Using a Rechargeable lithium battery, HRM80 can last up to 45 hours of workout after each charging.

With an adjustable range of 19cm-31cm (accommodate a weight range of 40kg-120kg), the armband is applicable in multiple exercise types.

HRM30 Heart Rate Monitor: find your right ‘exercise zone’

Magene HRM30 heart rate monitor

How to use a heart rate monitor is not a complicated thing, just keeps you in the correct heart rate range. However, how to train according to heart rate is not that simple.

Before you start your training, find out these numbers

Resting Heart Rate: the number of heartbeats per minute while you’re at rest, the normal resting heart rate for adults over the age of 10 years, including older adults, is between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm)

Maximum Heart Rate: You can calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. When you know your maximum heart rate, you can calculate your heart rate zones and train at the right intensity.

Heart Rate Reserve: this is simply your max HR minus your resting heart rate and reflects how much your heart rate can increase to provide more oxygen to your muscles.

Target Heart Rate: To calculate your target heart rate (THR) zone, multiply your MHR by 64% and 76%. These numbers give you the low and high numbers that your heart rate should stay within the majority of the time while you are exercising at a moderate intensity level

There are many ways to find out your RHR AND MHR, and using a heart rate monitor is the easiest and most accurate way to get the right number.

About the heart rate intervals

After confirming these main data (maximum heart rate, resting heart rate), you can now calculate your heart rate interval. At present, many people tend to divide their heart rate into five sections, and the British Bicycle Coach Association divides it into six sections.

60%-65% maximum heart rate: it is suitable for long-distance low-intensity riding to promote fat burning;

65%-75% maximum heart rate: the basic training interval, it is suitable for medium-intensity riding at a slightly longer distance;

75%-82% maximum heart rate: it is for medium distance, slightly higher intensity riding, promotes aerobic capacity and endurance improvement

82%-89% maximum heart rate: it is for simulating game rhythm and intensity

89%-94% maximum heart rate: it is for itt of 16-40 km, increasing the anaerobic threshold

94%-100% maximum heart rate: it is for high-intensity interval training to increase maximum output power and speed

The ‘fat burning zone is where you are working out at about 70 – 80% of your maximum heart rate, also known as your fat burning heart rate.

Magene Presents OEM/ODM Services

Committed to becoming a global leader in the smart sports field and promoting the development of the cycling and fitness industries. Providing intelligent and connectable integrated customized OEM/ODM solutions for 2B cooperation.

ODM for Module

Magene Pulley Power Meter for Spin Bike

An innovative tool to increase cycling performance on an exercise bike.

Add a Magene Pulley Power Meter to an indoor spin bike to receive accurate data-based workout feedback.

The power meter on the pulley calculates and sends power data obtained to the console of the spin bikes.

Certified water-resistant to IPX54 standards.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery to 180h. 

Tested and proven accuracy to +/- 3%-5%. 

ANT+, BLE FTMS & CPS transmission for compatibility with virtually any computer, smart phone, or spin bike console.


Smart Exercise Bike Solution: Upgraded exercise bike can achieve real-time resistance adjustment, slope simulation and target power training method. ERG (egrometer) mode supportive: fixes power output by automatically adjusting resistance to match cadence to achieve target power training. Professional and More Fun Training Experience: suitable for various software apps, provides a smart way of providing the correct level of exercise intensity through careful adjustment of the electromagnetically controlled resistance. With a 100-level high-end electromagnetic resistance system there is a seamless variable resistance

Bluetooth Protocol Dongle module for Fitness Equipment

Fast upgrade Bluetooth without modification to original equipment

Efficient conversion to protocol FTMS

UART connection with mainboard

Universally compatible incredibly reliable

Heart Rate Connective Module

A 2.4GHz telemetric pulse receiver and a Bluetooth FTMS module allow full compatibility with the main fitness equipment simulators.

Multi-scenario in various fitness equipment

Fast reading of external heart rate data

Powered by console battery and easy to install

ANT+&Bluetooth heart rate connection

UART connection with mainboard

Connectivity: BLE&ANT+

Product application: treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine, etc.

OEM for Finished Goods

Provide Magene brand full line of products customized services including Magege-produced products: heart rate monitor, heart rate armband, power meter, bike computer, speed& Cadence Sensor. Boost and improve your own business via reliable production and supply chain management. Customized logo service to improve your brand awareness and enrich product category.

The team of Magene advises and supports our customers throughout the whole assembling process to get the best out of OEM/ODM solutions we provide.