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Make your power output more reliable with the firmware update for P505

More reliable power output with the firmware update (V0.114) of P505

To provide riders with more reliable power output, the power accuracy of P505 has been improved to ±1% with firmware update V0.114 (for both P505 and QED road bike crankset P505 spider power meter). Just download Magene Utility App, connect to your P505 and click Upgrade to the latest version 0.114 to get the improved P505 spider-based power meter.

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This can make you a faster cyclist–Magene T200 review from Cycle Rider Roy

T200 smart trainer, following the classic design of Magene GRAVAT series, breaks the performance margin of the same class of products and achieves a breakthrough again. It is designed to bring you a more enjoyable training experience and become your quiet, powerful, foldable and stable indoor training partner. “I think Magene T200 can be a very good stuff for anyone who wants to improve their power training and who wants to improve their climbing.” Cycle Rider Roy said.

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Hambini’s detailed review of EXAR wheelsets|To end your struggle on selecting the wheelset

In the choice of ideal components and parts, riders not only focus on appearance, weight, price, and performance but also pay more attention to their own needs. Created by a group of geeks with love for cycling, Magene is committed to delivering the best riding experience for cyclists. After countless trials and errors, we make up our minds to stop selection from products available in the market, but make the first move in product research and development. That is why EXAR was born. EXAR’s goal is to continuously provide high-quality bicycle components, bringing riders unlimited riding pleasure through our unremitting commitment to products and technology.

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Shane Miller’s review| Why Choose Magene L508 Radar Tail Light?

Over the past ten years, bicycle incidents have increased by nearly 40%. According to statistics, 40% of cycling fatalities are caused by rear-end collisions. It is necessary to pay more attention to riding safety. Cycling brings a lot of fun, but unknown threats are always there. To some extent, installing a radar tail light is as important as wearing a helmet for its’ powerful functions like a real-time warning on rear vehicles, and a timely reminder to both the driver and the rear vehicles.

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