Month: April 2022

Magene Presents OEM/ODM Services

Committed to becoming a global leader in the smart sports field and promoting the development of the cycling and fitness industries. Providing intelligent and connectable integrated customized OEM/ODM solutions for 2B cooperation.

ODM for Module

Magene Pulley Power Meter for Spin Bike

An innovative tool to increase cycling performance on an exercise bike.

Add a Magene Pulley Power Meter to an indoor spin bike to receive accurate data-based workout feedback.

The power meter on the pulley calculates and sends power data obtained to the console of the spin bikes.

Certified water-resistant to IPX54 standards.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery to 180h. 

Tested and proven accuracy to +/- 3%-5%. 

ANT+, BLE FTMS & CPS transmission for compatibility with virtually any computer, smart phone, or spin bike console.


Smart Exercise Bike Solution: Upgraded exercise bike can achieve real-time resistance adjustment, slope simulation and target power training method. ERG (egrometer) mode supportive: fixes power output by automatically adjusting resistance to match cadence to achieve target power training. Professional and More Fun Training Experience: suitable for various software apps, provides a smart way of providing the correct level of exercise intensity through careful adjustment of the electromagnetically controlled resistance. With a 100-level high-end electromagnetic resistance system there is a seamless variable resistance

Bluetooth Protocol Dongle module for Fitness Equipment

Fast upgrade Bluetooth without modification to original equipment

Efficient conversion to protocol FTMS

UART connection with mainboard

Universally compatible incredibly reliable

Heart Rate Connective Module

A 2.4GHz telemetric pulse receiver and a Bluetooth FTMS module allow full compatibility with the main fitness equipment simulators.

Multi-scenario in various fitness equipment

Fast reading of external heart rate data

Powered by console battery and easy to install

ANT+&Bluetooth heart rate connection

UART connection with mainboard

Connectivity: BLE&ANT+

Product application: treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine, etc.

OEM for Finished Goods

Provide Magene brand full line of products customized services including Magege-produced products: heart rate monitor, heart rate armband, power meter, bike computer, speed& Cadence Sensor. Boost and improve your own business via reliable production and supply chain management. Customized logo service to improve your brand awareness and enrich product category.

The team of Magene advises and supports our customers throughout the whole assembling process to get the best out of OEM/ODM solutions we provide.