Month: June 2023

Eyes on Magene at Eurobike 2023

As the world leading trade show for the bike industry, Eurobike 2023 provides an ideal platform for Magene to showcase its extensive product lineup. The show features a wide array of items, including the outdoor cycling ecosystem consisting of bike computers, heart rate monitors, speed cadence sensors, power meters, and the L508 radar tail light. Additionally, Magene presented smart trainers focused on indoor cycling training and TPU inner tubes from its sub-brand, EXAR.

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L508 Smart Radar Tail Light Product Version Announcement

Recently, it has been noticed that customers in some markets have purchased non-local versions of the product from unauthorized channels. In order to protect the legitimate rights of customers, Magene releases this announcement regarding the international and Chinese versions of Magene L508 smart radar tail light. Customers kindly identify the international version of the product when purchasing to ensure that the product functions are not restricted and to enjoy piece-of-mind after-sales service.

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How to choose the perfect road bike wheelset

Wheels are as important to a bike as wings are to a bird. And no other part of your bike offers such a great gain in functionality, experience, and performance as a pair of excellent wheels, which will make you feel different at the first pedal stroke. Whether you plan to upgrade your wheels or learn more about wheels, this blog will provide you with the most important factors to consider.

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