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What Makes Magene L508 Radar Tail Light Hot On Sale

Over the past ten years, bicycle incidents have increased by nearly 40%. According to statistics, 40% of cycling fatalities were caused by rear-end collisions. It is necessary to pay more attention to riding safety. Cycling brings a lot of fun, but unknown threats are always there.

Selama sepuluh tahun terakhir, insiden yang melibatkan pesepeda telah meningkat hampir 40%. Menurut statistik, 40% kematian saat bersepeda disebabkan oleh tabrakan dari belakang. Penting untuk lebih memperhatikan keselamatan berkendara. Bersepeda memang menyenangkan, tetapi ancaman yang tidak diketahui selalu ada.

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How to use Magene L508 Radar Tail Light

This year, Magene released an important product–Magene L508 radar tail light–to improve riders’ cycling safety. It can not only support 220° wide viewing angle with a visibility of up to 1.2 km but also provide visual and audible alerts from the display terminal to warn of rear vehicles up to 140 meters away, to help riders be on full alert in the surroundings. Besides, the high compatibility, long battery life, and the function of smart brake sensing also highlight the outstanding performance of Magene L508.

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How should I use the new C406 Pro bike computer after I receive it?

It’s worth it to be recorded every time you ride. “How to make our bike computers possess more functions at honest prices” is the goal of the R&D team in Magene for many years, and this goal also runs through the manufacturing process of C406 Pro bike computers. The core strength of an excellent smart bike computer must be the powerful data function, and the C406 Pro bike computer also achieves the goal of having more comprehensive data functions at a more competitive price.

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