Be sure to figure out these terms before kicking off your cycling training

Aug 31, 2020 Cycling knowledge

Cycling has become a more and more popular sport for mass fitness with its impact-free and easier on the body. While for cyclists or bikers, improve cycling performance in a short time is another different thing. So, cycling power training is generated by the trend(sometimes with a power traniner or power meters) and has been proved to be effective to get you to the peak.

Making a workout plan and start your training can be completed in any minute, well before that, make sure you have completely understood the terms and numbers which are going to be shown on your bike computer or apps.

Here we collect the most commonly used terms and training intervals which are often mentioned in the training process. We hope that can be helpful for you.

Besides the intervals, here are also some terms which maybe you will be used during your training.

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