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Oct 19, 2022 Cycling, Cycling knowledge
How to keep safe on the road

Why do we enjoy cycling? Different cyclists have different opinions. There’s no denying that cycling is attractive, as it makes you healthier, happier, much more efficient, and helps you meet more like-minded cyclists.
Despite the numerous benefits of cycling, how to keep safe on the road has become an issue that puzzles many beginner cyclists.

1. Obey the traffic rules
Stopping at a red light and not going against the traffic can avoid many bike accidents. Obeying the traffic rules is the easiest way to prevent accidents all the time.

2. Keep distance from vehicles
Keeping a relatively safe distance from the vehicle in front of you is an effective way to avoid cycling accidents. In addition, when passing by a vehicle parked on the side of the road, you need to be careful and leave enough space to avoid hitting the door which tends to be opened.

3. Wear the cycling safety equipment
Falling down during cycling will cause great damage to your head. Wearing an approved bicycle helmet can protect your head from a bad injury to some extent. Whether cycling for commuting or entertainment, you’d better wear bicycle helmets that meet safety standards.
What’s more, the radar tail light, which can provide a timely reminder to both the cyclists and the rear vehicles, are as important as the helmet that can improve road safety (especially at night). Just a reminder: Magene L508 radar tail light can accurately provide visual and audible alerts from the display terminal to warn of rear vehicles up to 140 meters away, and support 220° wide viewing angle with visibility of up to 1.2km.

4. Learn to predict and signal your intentions
Turning or adjusting laterally on the roadway in a sudden can easily cause a rear-end collision and lead to a road accident. Therefore, if it is necessary to change lanes, you’d better observe the surroundings and make predictions in advance, use hand signals to the drivers or other cyclists behind you, and make eye contact to make sure that they’ve seen you. Therefore, it is necessary to learn some common riding gestures. (Furthermore, the L508 has different light modes, which can better help you warn the rear vehicles).

5. Know the speed limits
As a cyclist, you need to know the speed limits to avoid speeding, and obey all speed limits in slow zones (such as crosswalks and school zones). Controlling your cycling speed is not only good for you, but also for others.

6. Do not race on the street
When driving a car, some drivers are annoyed about being overtaken and then start a “chasing game”. This phenomenon which can easily lead to a traffic accident also exists in cycling groups. So please do not engage in any chasing games with others in traffic, whether they are your cycling partners or strangers.

7. Plan your bike ride
Although it’s very common for cyclists to use a GPS bike computer with navigation, you can’t completely rely on it, especially when you are preparing for a long-distance cycling trip. It is essential to plan your bike route before cycling.
Whether you go cycling for commuting or weekend outings, the road is not a place where you can have fun without restraint. It’s important to be observant and alert to the surroundings to help you stay safe while cycling.

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