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Be sure to figure out these terms before kicking off your cycling training

Cycling has become a more and more popular sport for mass fitness with its impact-free and easier on the body. While for cyclists or bikers, improve cycling performance in a short time is another different thing. So, cycling power training is generated by the trend(sometimes with a power traniner or power meters) and has been proved to be effective to get you to the peak.

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Energizing Foods and Drinks for Cyclist

As a cyclist, the daily intake of food should not only meet the needs of the human body, but also provide energy for the ride or training, and sometimes need to use food to supplement nutrition after training and competition. The important question of what to eat depends on time and purpose. Here we give some food which is recommended by professional cyclists, you can choose according to your condition.

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10 winter outdoor cycling tips you should know

In many countries, the weather is getting cold and snow, black ice, downpours, darkness will flood in soon, winter cycling can be challenging – and it can be awesome! Plus, riding around (safely) in the snow can be incredibly fun. The onset of winter shouldn’t stop you from cycling if you are fully prepared for the weather and riding conditions. We help you out with some winter riding tips.

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5 Tips to Boost Your Cycling Speed

For every road cyclist, one of the most important goals is riding faster. Perhaps you are putting in the time, yet have not seen the desired results. It’s possible you’re not doing the right training that will translate to increased mph. By following the five tips below you’ll increase your speed and work towards results you’ve been chasing.

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6 Core Exercises for cyclists

For cyclists, we all believe that strong legs are awesome and know that riders of all genders sport them with pride. While if you looking for something can help you stay strong and injury-free on your bike, you should put more attention on core exercises. Below we select 6 core exercises for cyclists. Ten minutes per day to build and strengthen your entire core.

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