Tips to Recover from The Overtraining

Aug 31, 2020 Cycling knowledge

The only one solution is rest and then more rest. Take a week off and when you are back in the saddle, you will feel everything is good again.⁠

Make a suitable and scientific cycling plan and make sure do not push yourself too hard.⁠

Try cross-training to find out more fresh and different ways to keep yourself motivated. ⁠

Keep an eye on your diet and eat the right vitamins and minerals.⁠
⁠The most common bicycle injuries are overwork injuries. ⁠⁠ 
Knee Pain⁠. Choose a light gear ratio or an easier route so your swing can be at least 80 revolutions per minute. ⁠Adjust the saddle to the appropriate height.⁠Besides, the self-locking pedal and the lock shoe have a good auxiliary function for correcting the bicycle riding posture.⁠ ⁠
Waist Pain.⁠The abdominal muscles and back muscles support the waist, so exercise these parts during training!⁠High-quality double shock-absorbing bicycles also help to reduce the pain in the waist!⁠⁠ 
Neck Pain⁠. Check your riding posture. If you make your upper body stretches straight and the back arches, the neck muscles are always in a state of tension! ⁠The handlebars should not be caught too tightly, the elbows and shoulders should be sinking; the whole body is relaxed to ensure that the upper body is flexible!⁠ 
Wear professional non-slip glasses to avoid the problem that the glasses caused by sweating. If the pain is more severe, please massage the doctor or perform physical therapy to relieve the pain in the neck!⁠⁠ 
Skin abrasions and inflammation⁠use Vaseline or tea tree oil to wipe the area that is prone to inflammation, and lubricate to protect it.⁠⁠ 

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