5 Tips to Boost Your Cycling Speed

Aug 31, 2020 Cycling knowledge

For every road cyclist, one of the most important goals is riding faster. Perhaps you are putting in the time, yet have not seen the desired results. It’s possible you’re not doing the right training that will translate to increased mph. By following the five tips below you’ll increase your speed and work towards results you’ve been chasing.

1. Lower back position

The biggest problem affecting the speed of riding is the wind resistance. If you are in a slightly lower back position and dropping handlebar position, you are lower down to put less surface area into the wind then improve your cycling speed.

2. Riding in Goup

Riding with other cyclists will improve your average ring speed. First of all, the right position in group ride will help to reduce the wind resistance. Study shows riding behind another rider will save 20-30% of your energy and enable higher average speeds of 1-2 mph.

3. Intervals Training 

With a greater aerobic base, you can start to think of some higher intensity efforts. These kinds of intervals will push you into an uncomfortable zone, but give big performance improvements. Start with a small number of intervals and. as you become stronger, you can increase the number of intervals you do in a session. These intervals and training at close to your anaerobic threshold will do the most to increase your average speed. A smart trainer will provide you a more stable and effective performance.

4. Pace yourself well

Learn to pace yourself well. This will be important when you do longer distance sportives. If you’re not used to the mileage, it’s easy to go off too quick and end up blowing up – leaving you to grovel around the course. A power meter can be useful for learning about pacing.

5. Pump your tire properly

The proper tire pressure will help to improve the speed of the wheels. The tire pressure will become smaller if you haven’t been riding for a long time or the temperature outside changes. Remember to check the tires before you start your riding.

Note: cycling skills differ from person to person. All the tips mentioned in the article are just for your reference.

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