What makes the radar tail light so important? | Reviews from Pedaler & Sam Ho

Magene L508 Radar Tail Light

Besides the helmet, what is the most valuable cycling gear to improve your cycling safety? With the mission of improving your cycling safety, Magene L508 radar tail light comes out. Compared with other cycling brands, L508 becomes a wise choice for cyclists, as it’s more accurate to detect rear vehicles and compatible with all bike computers that support ANT+ Radar.

‘’Having one (radar tail light) when cycling is essential and enhances the overall cycling experience along with providing peace of mind and extra safety’’, Pedaler said. If you are still struggling on choosing an affordable and functional radar tail light or want to know more about Magene L508, you can refer to the reviews from Pedaler and Sam Ho. The general contents of these two videos are as follows,

From Pedaler’s review we can get:
Unboxing & Feature/Specs
Build Quality & Compatibility
Why Use a Radar Light
Price of a Unit
On the Bike Test & Hill Climb Test
Comparing to Garmin Varia
Long-Term Test in the Works
CONS of the Magene L508
Ending Thoughts & Criticisms

From Sam Ho’s review we can get:
Product Unboxing
Bike Installation
Field Test

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