Hambini’s detailed review of EXAR wheelsets|To end your struggle on selecting the wheelset

EXAR Bike Wheelsets

In the choice of ideal components and parts, riders not only focus on appearance, weight, price, and performance but also pay more attention to their own needs. Created by a group of geeks with love for cycling, Magene is committed to delivering the best riding experience for cyclists. After countless trials and errors, we make up our minds to stop selection from products available in the market, but make the first move in product research and development. That is why EXAR was born. EXAR’s goal is to continuously provide high-quality bicycle components, bringing riders unlimited riding pleasure through our unremitting commitment to products and technology.

Focusing on engineering, Hambini released a video and gave a professional review about the EXAR carbon fiber wheelset, which featured an integral design of better aerodynamics and great performance in stability, stiffness, and cross-wind resistance of different frame heights.

From this video, we can learn more about EXAR wheelset from the following aspects,
1. Details of Magene EXAR Wheelsets
2. Measurements of RB45 Pro
3. Asymmetric Rim Design
4. the Wheelset Build Quality
5. High Quality of the Hub
6. Bearings
7. Vibration
8. Residual Imbalance
9. Stability
10. the Good and the Bad of the Wheelset
11. Comparison of Cost and Performance Among Several Brands

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