Magene released the L508 radar tail light. New brand option, more riding security.

On May 26, 2022, Magene released the L508 radar taillight, giving cyclists and cycling enthusiasts more option for radar taillights. In July, Magene listed the L508 on official website and Facebook feed, Heralds the start of global sales of the Magene L508 radar tail light.

Based on our self-developed core technology, Magene has a wide range of cycling product lines, including bike trainer, power meter, bike computer, sensors and more. As Magene Product Director Hector said at the launch event, “Cycling safety deserves effort from more brands”. The release of L508 radar tail light is a further innovation of Magene.

Here’s what Magene L508 can provide:
Everything Under Control:  L508 radar tail light provides visual and audible alerts from display terminal to warn of vehicles approuching from behind up tp 140 meters away with 10-120km/h relative speed. When the rear vehicle suddenly comes from behind within 140 meters, L508 can warns the rear vehicle by flashing mode.
Compatible With Many Brands: Garmin, Wahoo, Magene, Bryton bike computers and watches.
Efficient Warning For Rear Vehicles: With a built-in high-precision acceleration sensor, to quickly detect and enter 3 seconds highlight mode even with slight braking, while ignoring shaking and small bumps to prevent false starts.
5 Light Modes: Support solid mode, flashing mode, breathing mode, peloton mode, and single radar mode, and ensure quick and easy switch with one click.
Custom Flashing/Breathing Interval: After connecting to Magene Utility APP, the tail light flashing/breathing interval and the exclusive flashing mode.

The Magene L508 was introduced to provide a more convenient and safer riding environment for cyclists. If you want to know more detailed review about Magene L508, please check the following YouTube video, which will help you to get more information about L508 radar tail light.

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