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Statement on Unauthorized Sales and Counterfeiting of Magene Products on Website

Recently, Qingdao Magene Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “the Company”) has continuously received feedback from consumers. The feedback shows that on the Japanese shopping website (, there is a link for selling Magene’s G801 spinning bike ( Since we have never authorized or entrusted the website to sell Magene’s spinning bikes and related products online, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the Company, we hereby solemnly declare as follows:

I. We have never directly or indirectly authorized or entrusted the website ( to sell any products of Magene online. All products under Magene brand sold on this website are unauthorized. It is not an authorized sales channel for our products.

All products under Magene brand sold on this website are not genuine or are counterfeit.

II. All distributors or agents that sell Magene’s products through authorized channels shall obtain our authorization. Purchasing our products from unauthorized sales channels will result in failure to obtain (authentic) quality assurance, after-sales service, etc., and may even seriously infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers (inconsistency of actual goods and described goods, potential safety hazards, etc.).

III. The website ( infringes our legitimate rights and interests by using trademarks, photos, and other materials whose intellectual property rights are owned by Magene for marketing and publicity without our authorization. We will take all necessary legal measures to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, we hereby notify consumers to purchase Magene’s products from authorized sales channels and keep the purchase voucher to enjoy standard and high-quality after-sales services.

If you have any questions, please contact the Company for a consultation.

How To Convert Your Non-Smart Exercise bike into A Smart One?

If you want to pair your non-smart exercise bike with any bike training app, your only option is to get one of the cadence sensors for spin bikes.

A cadence sensor is a great gear that can facilitate your cycling and pedaling sessions by allowing you to track how hard you are working. However, finding the right cadence monitor can be a challenge. This is because most cadence monitors aren’t designed to work with spin bikes.

Here you have a choice- Magene S014 speed/cadence sensor for a spin bike.

The sensor supports Bluetooth low energy 4.2 protocol which only be used when riding indoors.

How to install it?

  1. Before installation, please remove and reinstall the battery to ensure the sensor is working.
  2. Install the flat silicone gasket on the bottom of the sensor and install the sensor on the inside of the left crank using a rubber ring.
  3. Rotate the crank and search for the cadence sensor using

Once the installation is complete, you can search the bike in the cycling app and enjoy cycling.

With the sensor, you can get cadence and speed data when pedaling and get better results with these data-based training workouts.