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Stay Away From e-bike Explosion And Keep Safe

e-Bikes have become a popular means of transportation in many cities recently, but more accident and injury reports show up coursed by e-bike explosions. There may be several reasons for that:

1. Lithium battery safety issues. E-bikes usually use lithium batteries as a power source, and lithium batteries are prone to explosion under overcharge, over-discharge, high temperature, and other conditions. In addition, some bad manufacturers will use low-quality lithium batteries to reduce cost but leads to battery problems.

2. Improper charging. During the charging process of e-bikes, if using an improper or unqualified charger, or placed in a charging state for a long time, the battery may overheat, resulting in an explosion.

3. Quality problems of e-bike parts. Some e-bike components may have quality problems, such as motors, controllers, chargers, etc., which may cause vehicle failure and eventually lead to an explosion.

4. Improper use. Some owners may install inappropriate parts on the bike, such as too-powerful motors, batteries, etc., which may also cause the electric bike to explode.

Therefore, to avoid the danger of electric bicycles exploding, we need to do the following:

1. When buying an e-bike, choose a well-known brand and avoid buying low-cost, low-quality products.

2. Use bike compatible charger, do not change privately. Keep in mind that following the correct charging method and requirements.

3. Avoid using e-bikes in high temperatures, high humidity, and humid environment.

4. Do not install inappropriate parts on the bicycle, such as extra batteries, overpowered motors, etc.

5. When you are on the road, follow traffic rules to avoid collisions or other dangerous situations.

In short, understanding the causes of e-bike explosions and how to avoid electric bicycle explosions is the key to our safety.